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Que Sera, Sera

When I was just a little girl
I asked my mother, what will I be
Will I be pretty, will I be rich
Here's what she said to me.

Que Sera, Sera,
Whatever will be, will be
The future's not ours, to see
Que Sera, Sera
What will be, will be.

My dad walked over to me just a couple of days ago, after I "announced" that I was unofficially done with school, and asked me about my plans for the future.

Am I planning to do TTR full time?
Or find a full time job and do TTR as a part time thing?

So then I told him that I plan to do TTR full time, no surprises there.
He wasn't really against it or anything, but he felt that I should find a full time job after 1-2 years if TTR doesn't hold up.
Like... Have a back up plan and at the same time don't waste my degree.

I guess he's just worried and he feels that me and Sissy don't need to work so hard since eventually we will be getting married and have kids... blah blah. 
Y'know, the traditional thinking that parents always have?
And by then we won't be able to continue running TTR like we are now.

So I told him, "Daddy, when I get married I plan to be a tai tai already, can sell off TTR. HAHAHA."

But to a certain extent, I do agree with him...
If I land myself a 9-5 job, I would probably have a more carefree life and not be burdened by work during my time off.
Some times I find myself wishing for some time off which is uninterrupted by work.
But it's really not possible if I'm running my own business.
I will constantly be thinking of how I can do things better, what are the things which need fine-tuning/improving, how to push my business to the next level.

And of course, there is the more important question of sustainability...
How long can I do this business for?

But being young (HAHAHA) and impulsive (to a certain extent), I decided on doing TTR full time for now.
And see where it brings me.
Reasons being,

1) I don't think I will be able to conform to the routine of a 9-5 job..
It sounds rather suffocating to me.
And all the office politics I'd rather not think about.

2) I'm so much happier running TTR.
Even though it can get pretty stressful and hair-tearing at times, at least I feel like I'm in control of what I'm doing.
And I get to wear pretty clothes, HEHE.

3) I love the people I'm working with.

You'll probably be seeing more of me (AND TTR LAUNCHES) from now on!

I'm really supposed to be invoicing right now given that we've just launched a new collection, but silly me left 2 designs back at my supplier's! 
And they didn't open for today...
So we can only start invoicing tomorrow morning!
Will dash down to do a stock count and invoice immediately after that hokays!

I hope you made it through without dozing off!
I'm off to confront the MANYMANYMANYMANYYYYYY questions staring at me in my formspring inbox now!

Long Overdue.

Decided it's high time I should start blogging and wiping the dust off my blog!
It's already what... November?
And I'm still stuck blogging about October!

But on a brighter (UNDERSTATEMENT) note, I'm free from school!
Not exactly totally free, I'm still left with one individual presentation and a soci paper!
But relatively free compared to last week... 
Cos the pressing deadlines are over!!!!
Last week was really hell week, which explains my absence from Twitter, FB, Formspring etc.
Only had like 2 hours of sleep every day from Sunday to Wednesday.

But all's good now!

If you don't already know, this is my last semester in school.
Looking forward to graduation already please!

Anyway, here's a catch up for my blog!
So many photos stuck in my iphoto, hahaha.

Deepavali (Told you I'm super far back!!!)

I wanted to try out Food for Thoughts after reading all the reviews on hungrygowhere.com and Deepavali was the only day that me and Thom could go out for a short date.
(Because I had to rush for a project meeting in the afternoon!)
Had thoughts of making a reservation beforehand but I thought we could reach early enough to beat the crowd.

I can never wake up on the first ring of my alarm so I'm definitely going to stick to reservations from now on.

Food for Thought is near SAM so we parked in a nearby building and walked over.

Here's my OTD! :))
Upcoming TTR Chiffon Batwing Romper!

We had to walk through the corridors of SAM...
And after trying to find the place for 10 minutes, we gave up and asked for directions from the SAM security guard.

Reached Food for Thought and was told that we had to wait for 45 minutes if we want an indoor seating!
Serves me right for thinking I could wake up early.
So we settled for the outdoor seats in the end! 

His 'stop asking me to do weird poses' look.

Rootbeer float.
My choice of drink nowadays!

This is so awesome!
Full Works!
I love everything on the plate!

Super yummy compared to the one I had at Jones The Grocer...
Love that the bacon was crispy but not tough, and everything else was done nicely as well!

Shall let you have another look at the yummy goodness!

Pancakes with banana and chocolate!
I like the pancake itself but the toppings too jelat and overly sweet for breakfast...
Would order pancakes with something else for my next visit! 

On our way back it started pouring and we got stuck at SAM!
Contemplated how long we had to wait for the rain to stop, and decided that it would be better if we paid the entrance fee to go into SAM to wait the rain out...
And it turns out that entrance was free that day because it was Deepavali!
Super lucky! 

The entire wall was full of this swinging flower display thingy...
Made me so dizzy after staring at it for some time!
Made a video of it but decided that it was too lame to be uploaded. HAHAH.

My childish boyfriend insisted on doing this.

They also had some tables for kids to do the sand art..
Looks fun and I would have joined them if not for the lack of space!

There's this white line in front of all the art displays.
And we're not supposed to step beyond that line.

Marilyn Monroe!
So sexyyyyyy.

Princess Diana but she looks kind of avatar-ish here.

Chairman Mao's sculpture!
One of those that I could recognise...

Looks like one of those gnomes in Harry Potter!

Visiting SAM was actually quite a cool experience...
Would have never stepped in there if not for the heavy rain.

Halloween Horrors @ USS (STILL AT OCT!)

What I wore:
Upcoming TTR Reversible Dress! ;)
Came in the shipment that day and I just had to wear it out immediately! 

By the way, this is my office walkway to the toilet...

And one day, I saw something at the corner of my eye as I walked back from the toilet to my office.

Almost got a heart attack when I turned around to look at the 'thing'...
My landlord hung it there to decorate for Halloween!
It was really freaky okay, the first time I saw it!!
Subsequently I got used to it, but sometimes I will still get a shock when I walk past.

There was also one evening when we heard cackling laughter (someone using the remote control -.-) coming out from it...

We went to Daiso @ Vivocity to get the Halloween head gears!

I got Rudolph in the end.
Can reuse for Christmas what!
So environmentally friendly right!

USS entrance.

It was too dark inside + my camera died after the first few photos so I don't have many photos with me.
Steph blogged about it already so you can hop over if you want to see more pictures! 

My company for Halloween Horrors!
They were like so much braver compared to me.

We weren't really scared even though we heard that the haunted houses in USS were really fab..

But I guess due to the immense crowd and super long queues (we had to queue 1.5hr for each haunted house and 1 hr for the Battlestar ride!) it made the entire experience hot and bothersome instead of scary.
I thought that USS would practice some crowd control by not releasing sooooo many tickets for each day...
I think Sissy had a better time at Sentosa's Spooktacular!
Which was cheaper, had 6 haunted houses and not crowded at all!

Not going back to USS for next year's Halloween! 

AND YAYYYY I've finished blogging about October!
Next blog post will (hopefully) be a more updated one of my life! ;)

I'm going to do some work for the launch tomorrow night! 
See you hunnies!

Our 7am Photoshoot.

I've so many things to update but I simply have no time. 
At least not until Wednesday.
My major projects and deadlines will be over by this coming Wednesday, and you have no idea how much I'm looking forward to that day!

Anyway, if you've been missing my blog posts about TTR's behind the scenes, here's a photo from our 7am photoshoot this morning!

Dings playing with tissue (?!), me trying to pry open the luggage for the next set of outfit, Mel tweeting on her phone, Suan trying to help, Kat behind the camera, and Jolene in bed.


One of our EARLIEST photoshoots so far and I'm really touched that everyone came on time!
(Except that Dings didn't sleep the entire night just so that she can be on time, and we had to spam Mel about 7-8 calls and numerous whatsapp messages because she tried to stay up but ended up falling asleep. Heh.)
Love my TTR babies to the max.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
Its extremely frustrating to organise outdoor photoshoots because there will always be someone late... And the weather conditions being forever unpredictable.
But today we managed to start on time!
The weather held up the entire time when we were shooting too!
I'm so pleased with how the photos turned out, cannot wait to launch the collection already!

The only hitch was the army of mosquitoes which attacked us...
I have to remind myself that I NEED TO bring the insect repellant for our next OD shoot!

I'm not going to blog about the entire photoshoot...
Need to get back to my report desperately!
Watch this space from Wednesday onwards because I'm going to flood it with photos and happenings!

Weekly Update.

This week started on a really good note because the workshop called me to get my car back...
Oh my god. 
You have no idea how hard it was to survive each day without the car.
I felt so handicapped and didn't feel like going anywhere other than office, home and school.
Cab fare is so expensive and I really hate waiting by the roadside for cabs.

I'm okay with taking public transport like trains and buses but imagine taking the bus with huge bags of stocks/parcels?
I couldn't even make it to the bus stop...

Extremely thankful for getting my car back so that things can finally go back to functioning smoothly!

On a 'stripey' Saturday!
Went to school in the morning for a paper..

Changed into another stripey top in the evening to go out with Thom!
Wore the suede laced up shorts in mocha!

Was at Tampines 1 because I wanted to get away from town...

I was so tempted to have Sushi Tei for dinner but I decided to give Thom a break from Jap food..
Suggested Thai Express instead!

Thai iced tea~

Cutest ball of rice!

The most awesome spicy kang kong everrrrrrrr!
Order this if you are at Thai Express!
They have two versions of kang kong.. Get the Thai styled one!
The only thing is, this leaves a super garlic-ky smell in your mouth for the longest time ever.

Soft shell crab, my must-order every time at Thai Express!

Wiped everything clean including the rice!
I'm turning into such a glutton lately...
No wonder I've been gaining weight! :X

Shopped around for a bit after dinner!

Me and this super cute dumbo!
Elephants never fail to remind me of Twiggz babyyyy.

We happened to wear the same colour combination that day.

Next time we really must un-coordinate our clothings before we meet!

On Sunday, Team TTR (minus twiggz) went down to The Cathay to support Mel for her flea!

Photographers for life...
Go everywhere also bring camera!

Decided on Ichiban Sushi for dinner!
I've been having wayyy too much Jap food lately...
Been stuffing my face with sashimi at least 4 days last week!
Too hard to resist!

Clumsy Kat made the promotional signboard drop...


Suan and Ben looking distinctively awkward.....

Viewing the new TTR launch using the iPad!

I think the ability to eat lots and lots of wasabi runs in my family genes.
People will always look at us incredulously like we are mad people whenever we dig up a whole chunk of wasabi and mix it with the shoyu.

My Mentaiko Salmon Set! 
New found love for Mentaiko!

I wonder why I haven't realised it before...
Mentaiko is so freaking yummyyyyy!
I can eat it with just plain rice.... SLURPS.

And here's one of my OTDs for this week!
TTR Basic Tank in Black with MGG's Lampshade Skirt!

Can't stop pairing this basic tank with all my bottoms...
Especially when I'm lazy or wanna wear something comfy!
Just had a photoshoot for it last night and we'll be launching it next week!
Did this in 6 colours, have fun guessing what colours!!!!

It has been a really busy week and it's going to get worse over the weekends.
AHHHHH just wanna get everything over and done with!
I'm barely having time for anything else other than school work and TTR now...

The only thing which kept me going this week is tomorrow!
I'm going for the USS halloween event tomorrow night with Thom, Steph and JS!!!!!!!!
So exciting hehe can't wait!
Are any of you going too?
See you there!!!! :D

Exams and deadlines aside...

I have a paper at 9am tomorrow!
As in... Saturday morning.
I wonder why NUS professors like to set their exam dates on Saturdays so much.
F all our lives for having to wake up early on a weekend to sit for a paper.

I think I better set like 5 alarms for tomorrow!
Really mustn't oversleeppppppppp!

Here're some photos from the 2 X weddings I attended last weekend..
We only took photos of ourselves because we don't know the bride and groom personally.
My dad's fault.
Me thinks he only dragged me and the sisters along so that we could accompany him and safely bring him home if he got drunk. Meh.

Outfit for wedding #1.
Upcoming ballerina dress!!!
Super love the flow of the dress!

Hehe I know you love flare dresses/skirts as much as I do! ;p

I think this is a pretty casual dress...
Too casual for a wedding, in fact.
But I just felt like wearing it that day!

Me and my sisters!!!
♥ ♥ ♥

Jess and I!
I look like some freaking giant beside my super petite sisters please.....

During the 'yum seng'...
Me and my grumpy ol' dad!

He was surprisingly smiling for the camera in the picture on the left!
He usually is his grumpy self in photos because he hates being photographed.

My favourite aunt!
Love her so much...
She used to bring us out every Saturday for dinner and shopping when we were younger!
And she pays for all the holidays we've been to with her.
Anddddd, it's so cute when she always beams with pride whenever she introduce us to her friends, saying that she took care of us when we were young(er)!

The sisters!
At wedding #2....

It was held at the same place so we didn't take too many photos.

Idk why I was holding 2 iPhones at one go!
Thank god for our phones to keep us occupied during the weddings..

I personally don't think I will hold any wedding dinners in future (if I were to get married, which I assume I will at some point of time), traditions or not...
Or maybe not something so conventional.
So far I haven't been to any wedding dinners which impressed me.
They usually follow the same programme flow..

Is it too hard/troublesome to do something out of the ordinary?
Is that why people always stick to the same programmes?

Me and Jessissy! 
I was wearing an old TTR piece (the Mary Poppins Dress!)... Love it to the max.
Worn it for like 4 times already so far!
Jess was wearing the Fairy Lights Skirt in Redddd.

Yesterday was 'no make up' day!
I always try to have 2-3 days per week where I don't put make up at all...
I hate how 'unhealthy' my skin feels with all that make up gunk on.

But ahhhh, can't deny that a girl definitely looks better with make up!
Don't like to put make up but can't live without it... Heh.

What I wore: Crochet Sleeves Top in White!

Noticed anything different about me???

I got my mum to cut my fringe for me!
LOL she was a certified hairstylist ok! 
With cert and all...
Although nowadays she only works as Xiaobai's appointed exclusive 'hair' stylist, I still trusted her.

Sissy cut her fringe too so we're twins now!

So not used to it but I think it makes me look as if I have more hair!

My frequent study hangout place..
And what I usually order: caramel macchiato and belgian waffles!
Fatfat but I like!

Went to Nihon Mura for dinner buffet after mailing parcels!
They have an outlet at Singpost but this is my first time there!

Me with Jessissy and JT!

Candid photo of Sissy and unglam Ben!

And this is the part you need to click the 'X' button and stop reading if you're hungry RIGHT NOW.
Food galore!!!!!!

Am salivating upon posting these photos up!

I think it's pretty worth it if you're a student!
Only ~$25 for the dinner buffet...
And unlimited servings of EVERYTHING! (Sashimi included!!!!)

The sashimi is really fresh and thick also..
Damn yummy!!
Also try the bacon wrapped asparagus!

I seriously think that we're still not suited for the buffet style of dining though!
Waste of money only.
That was all we (5 of us) ate...
Which is very little considered that Ben (ERHEM) eats so much!

My OTD for today!
Skater skirt upcoming on THIS SUNDAY's launch!!!
One of my favourite skirts from TTR so far...
Super love the material!
Thick and bouncy!  ♥

And my fringe is starting to grow on me!
Shall keep it till I get bored, then change it to side sweep again!


I'm off to get some sleep!
Hopefully my brain loads itself with more knowledge while I sleep!

Happy Saturday to all!

Being a girl.

One of the things which makes me hate being a girl is definitely PMS.
I'm going through it right now and feeling super depressed and unhappy for no reason......

Did some work on google and I think some of the information I found are pretty useful so I shall share!

PMS usually occurs for 1-2 weeks before your period comes..
I think for most girls, its 1 week?
2 weeks seem really severe, hahah, imagine having cramps for that long!

I have some friends who experience really bad syndromes such as bloating, breakouts, stomach cramps, dizzy spells, headaches, back pain, insomnia etc.
Those are the physical syndromes which girls tend to experience just before their periods.

For me, I usually experience emotional syndromes...
Like, feeling easily irritated and generally unhappy.
It goes on for a few days and I'd suspect myself of having depression. (HAHA)
But I realised it's just PMS because I feel so much better and am a much happier person generally during non-PMS periods.
And I usually take my frustration out on poor Thom...
I guess most girls do it to their boyfriends too, right right?

Some of the tips which are commonly found on the internet are:

1) Avoid salt if you usually experience bloating. They increase your fluid rentention.
(Something which I'm guilty of because I love salty fooddddd!)

2) Avoid caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and food with high sugar content.
(Generally keeping a healthy diet should decrease the PMS syndromes you experience.)

3) Another common advice - EXERCISE!!!!
(This is said to be able to lessen the depressive symptoms of PMS.)

4) Load up on Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin A, B6 and E rich food!

5) Get enough sleep.
(Hurhur, easier said than done!)

And I got this off simplybeautifull.blogspot.com!
For girls who suffer from super heavy cramps...

*Put your palm on the inner part of your leg just above the ankle. 
*The point (green dot) above your hand as shown in the picture is the point to press. 
*Press for 6 secs, then release for 2. Then press again. Repeat for 5 minutes.
*Do the same for the other leg.

It's said by some acupressure experts that doing this enhances blood flow to your uterus and hence relives pain.
Try and tell me if it works okay!
I don't have cramps so I can't try this out.

But looking on the bright side of things, Thom is coming to fetch me for some ice cream!
Made him come all the way from school to eat ice cream with me.
One of the benefits of PMS.
Manipulating my boyfriend to buy me ice cream.

Here's hoping that my PMS goes away soon!
The next entry will be a happier one!


Days like these...

Don't really have much of a life lately... 
What else is new, right?

My days are either spent in the office, or somewhere quiet where I can do work, or at home.
I don't have time to go out and slack, meet my friends, nor go to nice places to eat.
I feel so pathetic.
I can't wait to graduate and end this lifestyle. (If you can even call it a life)

So I shall blog some instagram photos, since I also haven't been bringing my G12 around.

Outfits from TTR!
Left: Striped top from Topshop, Skater Skirt in Yellow from TTR
Right: Zara inspired resort-ish top from TTR.

I love wearing yellow to cheer myself up on days when I feel down...

My current daily bag.
From Rubi.

Wore the laced up shorts in wine from TTR on I-forgot-which-day this week.

Ballerina Flare Dress in Navy from TTR for one of the weddings which I attended this weekend!

What I wore today: TTR So Much Love Top, TTR Skater Skirt in Pink, Horrible and Uncomfortable Shoes from Topshop.

If you recall, I had this camel Topshop belt with heart holes some time ago...
And since I got numerous enquiries for that belt, I sent it for manufacturing!

They arrived last Friday and I brought one each of all the colours home!
Can't wait to launch them!
Don't they look so so cute? ;)

Kat in the Fairy Lights Skirt in Salmon Pink!
She loves it so much that she brought it to Japan with her! 
And she sent these pictures to me fresh from Japan, hehe.
Pretty Kat!

Attended 2 wedding dinners over the weekend which just passed.
Both happened to be at the same place, Orchid Country Club.
Thank god for iphones to keep me and the sisters occupied!
Currently hooked onto the annoying orange game. Hahaha.

My weekly dose of Caramel Macchiato from Reedz Cafe!

Some Sour Sally love... ;)

Scones and mushroom soup from Chris Tea House!
So, so yummy!

And finally, some photos of my little darling!

On one of those days where I had to wake up early and she got to sleep in.
Life is unfair.

Hereby declare this to be an award-winning photo of XB!
Set it as my phone's lock screen....
<3 <3 <3 

Here's her inquisitive look!

That's all from me for now!

I think I'm having PMS for the past few days.
Trying really hard to fight off feelings of inadequacy.
I just keep feeling that I'm not doing well enough for all aspects of my life.

Whenever I find myself catching up on school work, I slip off from work.
Whenever I manage to juggle both (almost) perfectly, I find myself not having time to meet my friends.
When I have time for all of the above, I don't have time for Thom.

Its so bad that whenever I think about the many many things I have to do for the next few weeks, I end up being so depressed that my efficiency to do things drop...
I hope I get over this soon.

Have a good week ahead everybodyyyyy!

Got a couple more outfit photos which I haven't gotten around to posting so I decided to blog a post, since I'm already done with the launch post!

Efficiency 100% today!

Wore this outfit some time last week....
Can I just say again how much I love the skirt???
Kept it in all colours despite trying very hard to resist!
My favourite colours has got to be Chilli Red and Tiffany Mint though! ;)

This was a long overdue outfit which I haven't gotten around to posting yet!
Wore it out for a lunch date with my girlies!
Love the back details!
I could do with more tops like this y'know, so easy to match and its dressy enough on its own!

And there are more photos which we took during the photoshoot but I didn't wanna clutter the launch post with too many photos!
So here they are, on my blog.

After 2 weeks of not seeing each other...
So loveeee please!

Taken at the front porch of my office building!

Love the colour tones in this series of photos!
Salmon and Tiffany Mint looks so nice together, just like Mel and Dings!

And of course, Navy and Red definitely goes well together!

The sofa is just outside my office and I thought I should make good use of it!
It looks so... expensive and classy!
Super Victorian-ish!

By the way, we (Sissy and me) got into a major car accident...
If you're following our tweets, you would have known!
Sissy was driving and I was sitting in the front passenger seat next to her.

The crash happened so fast and we hardly had any time to react.
It was a chain accident involving 5 cars and we were unlucky enough to be the last car involved.

We were at a total loss and didn't know what to do!
Until we saw other drivers getting down their cars and started taking photos...
We tried to get out from the car but the door refused to open... I guess we really crashed the bonnet badly.

Called my dad and he said to wait for the traffic police to arrive..
So we went around taking down the mobile numbers, IC numbers and the car plate numbers of everyone involved.

We're lucky to be unhurt though! 
Only had minor scratches and aching in the neck the next day...
I felt slightly dizzy and nauseous but they went away the next day so I guess all's fine.

I never felt so close to death and it was a really scary experience for both me and Sissy.
Perhaps more so for her since she was the driver at the time of the accident.
I can still recall the exact moment that the accident happened..
It also made me realise that life is so, so precious.
Cherish life everyone! 
Life is so unpredictable, you never know what's going to happen the next minute.

Now the car's at the workshop and it's only going to be repaired in 3 weeks' time.

Okay, enough of the depressing stuff!
I'm off to do the stock count for the launch tonight!

TTR's night out!

I'm sitting at Coffee Bean waiting for Sissy to be done with her study session so that she can join me for Pilates!
It is so hard to find time to go for lessons consistently by the way...
Kind of feel like we're wasting our money since we can only make time at most once every week.

So anyway, I thought I'll keep myself occupied by catching up on my overdue blogposts while she's still on her way!

We (Team TTR!!) had a night out just last week and it was soooooo fun!
And we managed to achieve our objective of the outing, so it was :D :D :D
Don't ask me what though, hahaha, I'm sworn to secrecy!

Wore the upcoming Fairy Lights Fishtail Skirt in Red, XS
Had a feeling that either Mel or DX would wear it too since they kept it, but i didn't whatsapp them to check! 

Turns out that great minds think alike, and Mel showed up wearing the same skirt in a different colour!
I almost ALMOST wore the same colour as her, but I changed my mind at the very last minute..

We met at Ootoya @ Orchard Central for dinner.

Me and my skirt twin of the day!

It was really lucky that DX didn't wear her navy piece out that night (SHE ALMOST DID), we would have looked like some girl band otherwise.

Hardworking Kat and her notes! (She had a test the next morning and she came to meet us still!)

My second time at Ootoya and I still didn't know what to order! 

The DIY milk tea. Hahaha. You've to pour the milk and sugar syrup in yourself!

Then as usual, the camwhoring starts...
My camera and macbook is full of photos of everyone!!!!
They just spam photos EVERY SINGLE TIME they get the chance to.

The #1 culprit of the numerous photos in my gadgets.

Please ignore the craziness.

Mel's cereal porridge-like thingy.... Which she majorly regretted ordering!
Hahaha and she was eyeing on our food throughout!

Dings's tofu salad.
All my models machiam on diet!
Swear I didn't force them to eat these hamster food.

What the 'normal people' ate...
So much nicerrrrrrrrr! 

Kat's satisfied look!

Group photoooooo!

Super love how the skirt floats about as I walk! 
Look at Mel in the above photos, super fairy-like please!

You NEED TO stand at the roadside and wait for the wind to come by if you ever get this skirt...
Or like.. 
Walk down staircases more often.
I know its retarded but you confirm feel like a goddess when your skirt gets caught in the wind.

Home Club after dinner!
It was fun!
Hahahaha and SOME PEOPLE AH, really cannot hold their liquor!

We need to go out more often!!!!!!!!!!
♥ ♥ ♥



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